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E-NERGY CARBON Product Portfolio

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Heating foil. Power supply. Control unit. E-NERGY CARBON is an integrated system solution

Coordinated system technology for maximum efficiency

An engine without bodywork is not a car. A heating foil without power supply and control is not a heating system. E-NERGY CARBON is more. As a system solution, E-NERGY CARBON includes all the necessary components for a fully-fledged and energy-efficient heating solution. All components are optimally matched to each other and enable energy-saving operation, as well as a simple and safe installation.


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E-NERGY CARBON is unique

Patented heating foil

Homogeneously fused instead of laminar structure!
High quality and long life.

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Efficient power supply

The heart of the system is the power supply!
System power supply developed in-house.

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Smart control with App

Switch E-NERGY CARBON on and off as desired!
From anywhere in the house or on the go via the app.

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Patented heating foil

The heating foil with a difference

The E-NERGY CARBON heating foils are unique. They are manufactured in a patented production process. This production process enables completely new variations and designs of the heating foil, such as the perforated E-NERGY CARBON FLEECE heating foil. The production process also has a positive effect on durability and usability.

Homogeneous structure instead of laminar layers


The E-NERGY CARBON foils are homogeneously fused and not built up in individual layers. The result is a highly resilient fibre composite material.

Comfortable warmth at the touch of a button


E-NERGY CARBON heats quickly, evenly and over the entire surface. This makes the system convenient and creates a comfortable radiant heat.

Subsequent installations possible


E-NERGY CARBON is insusceptible to damage. Installations, such as flush-mounted boxes, are possible directly in the heating surface.

E-NERGY CARBON film types

There are two different types of foil available. The flexible E-NERGY CARBON FLEECE foils with adhesion-optimising perforation and the E-NERGY CARBON PET foils optimised for floating floor coverings.





Efficient power supply

Power supply with German engineering

The heart of E-NERGY CARBON panel heating systems is the 36 V safety extra-low voltage power supply. The engineering and quality of the power supply units not only influence the efficient operation, but also the compliance with all guidelines for the operation of an electric panel heating system. The E-NERGY CARBON system makes no compromises here. The power supply units developed in-house meet the highest requirements for operating safety and efficiency.

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Smart control of heating

Smart room temperature controller

The E-NERGY thermostat adapts the heating to your individual needs, smart & simple thanks to the adaptive learning function. The user-friendly interface via touch screen makes control child's play, and thanks to the integrated WiFi function, this is also possible from anywhere.

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In collaboration with the TU Dresden, we have determined the investment costs and the monthly energy and follow-up costs.

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Do you have any questions?

Would you like a modern surface heating system? Does the bathroom need a cosy and comfortable temperature? Do you have problems with humidity or even mould? There are many questions that can arise. The team led by our E-NERGY CARBON expert Daniel Schuschan can be reached on +49 5406 / 699 95-10. Or write us an e-mail, we look forward to hearing from you!