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E-NERGY Wandheizung - Familie

E-NERGY CARBON – Innovative heating foils for ceiling, wall and floor

E-NERGY CARBON Produktfamilie

E-NERGY CARBON: Ultra thin. Patented. Certified.

Comfortable warmth at the touch of a button. Safe, energy-efficient and comfortable

The E-NERGY CARBON system is an advanced electric panel heating system for new buildings, refurbishments and renovations. The patented heating foils form the basis of the system. E-NERGY CARBON is operated with 36 V safety extra-low voltage by power supply units specially designed for the system. The E-NERGY room thermostat with Smart Home technology provides quick and easy control.

The complete E-NERGY CARBON system is tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland.


Get to know the innovative E-NERGY CARBON heating system!



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System solution for ceiling, wall and floor

E-NERGY CARBON is more than just a heating foil. E-NERGY CARBON is a comprehensive system solution - Made in Germany - that works with perfectly matched components. In addition, the E-NERGY CARBON system has been independently tested and certified according to German standards by TÜV Rheinland.E-NERGY CARBON is therefore not only the new way of heating, but also efficient and absolutely safe!

E-NERGY CARBON is universally applicable...

  1. ...as ceiling heating
  2. ...as wall heating
  3. ...as underfloor heating
  4. ...as comfort heating
  5. ...as moisture protection

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Discover the possibilities with E-NERGY CARBON

The application possibilities with E-NERGY CARBON surface heating systems are flexible and individual. Whether as full-room heating in low-energy houses, as comfort temperature control in the shower, for protection against moisture and mould, in old buildings, in renovation or in new buildings, E-NERGY CARBON always offers a solution.

Full heating


Heating at the touch of a button with E-NERGY CARBON – the fully-fledged heating system. Investment costs of classic heating systems are eliminated. E-NERGY CARBON makes heating with electricity a sensible alternative – ecologically and economically!

Comfort heating


Enjoy feel-good warmth selectively and room by room. Temperature control of surfaces with healthy, invisible radiant heat, even in wet areas such as shower walls – E-NERGY CARBON makes it possible.

Moisture protection


The surface temperature is kept permanently above the dew point with E-NERGY CARBON. The formation of condensate on the surface is prevented. Moisture, the cause of mould formation, is thus permanently prevented.

Demand heating


The attic is to be extended later, but the heating pipe does not lead up to the top? No problem for E-NERGY CARBON. As a rule, electricity is always available. This means that the new living space can also be heated as required.

Tinyhouse heating


A small palace for modern young living? E-NERGY CARBON turns every Tinyhouse into an oasis of well-being without giving away space.

Best Practice

Winter Garden / Garden House


A new winter garden or a summer house should be heated? This is easily and safely achieved with E-NERGY CARBON.

One system – many applications

Clever heating with E-NERGY

Electric heaters are expensive and not worth it? That was in the past. Here we show you why heating with electricity can be a sensible alternative today!

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Do you have any questions?

Ceiling heating, wall heating or floor heating? Problems with moisture or even mould? Or should the bathroom simply be given a cosy comfort heating system? No matter how small or large the project is, there are many questions that can arise. The team around our E-NERGY CARBON expert Daniel Schuschan is available for you at +49 5406 / 699 95-10. Or write us an e-mail, we look forward to hearing from you!