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E-NERGY Wandheizung - Familie

E-NERGY CARBON Control System


E-NERGY CARBON room thermostats. Intuitive. Simple. Smart.

It might be the first time you can really control your heating.

20°C? 22°C? 24°C? No matter! With the controls of the E-NERGY CARBON panel heating system, the right room temperature is just a matter of your fingers. It's so easy to set the temperature on the optimised and modern room thermostats. It goes without saying that the certified E-NERGY CARBON system complies with the legal requirements, such as the ECO design guidelines.


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Info / Facts E-NERGY CARBON Control Units

What used to be difficult to understand in the boiler room are now small but beautifully designed, digital and comprehensible switches at E-NERGY CARBON: the E-NERGY room thermostats. And it is your heating system that you control and understand! You decide when, how long and where the heating is switched on and what room temperature is desired.

E-NERGY Room Thermostat WIFI

The E-NERGY room thermostat WIFI is probably the most comfortable and simplest way to control an E-NERGY CARBON heating system and thus ensures efficient energy savings: heating is carried out when a room is too cool, but then quickly. It won't get too warm, because the thermostat also takes care of that. The CLOU in the WIFI room thermostat: The free app for full control even when you are on the go!

  1. TFT touch display
  2. Room and/or floor sensor (floor min/max limitation)
  3. Suitable for many switch ranges 55 x 55 mm
  4. Simple ON/OFF switching (switch)
  5. Simple lowering function
  6. Weekly programme
  7. Adaptive learning function
  8. The system complies with the Eco-Design Directive

E-NERGY Room Thermostat Touch

The E-NERGY room thermostat TOUCH is the "little brother" of the E-NERGY room thermostat WIFI and therefore almost identical in construction. The only difference: The room thermostat TOUCH does not have the WIFI function incl. app. This makes this room thermostat ideal for applications where a SmartHome function is expressly not desired!

E-NERGY Room Thermostat EN 01

The E-NERGY room thermostat EN01 belongs to the classic fraction of room temperature controllers for electric panel heating. Easy to operate and equipped with all the necessary functions to comply with the ECO design guidelines. The EN01 also ideally complements the direct connection of the BASIC EI power supply unit.

  1. Single-line text display for simplified operation
  2. Backlighting
  3. Preset and adjustable time programmes
  4. Short time timer (party) for hourly temperature changes
  5. Unauthorised access
  6. Minimum and/or maximum temperature limits for floor are adjustable

Overview E-NERGY CARBON Room Thermostats

Tabelle Thermostate


Connection diagram

  1. Heating foil
  2. Temperature sensor
  3. Room thermostatt
  4. Transformer

Do you have any questions?

Would you like a modern surface heating system? Does the bathroom need a cosy and comfortable temperature? Do you have problems with humidity or even mould? There are many questions that can arise. The team led by our E-NERGY CARBON expert Daniel Schuschan can be reached on +49 5406 / 699 95-10. Or write us an e-mail, we look forward to hearing from you!