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E-NERGY CARBON System Applications

E-NERGY CARBON offers more. Complete system applications with certification

Comfortable warmth at the touch of a button. Safe, energy-efficient and comfortable

E-NERGY CARBON offers a complete application technology. All necessary products, descriptions and approvals are included in the system applications. This means that E-NERGY panel heating systems can be used safely and energy-efficiently in new buildings, refurbishments and renovations.

E-NERGY CARBON is definitely the right system. All technical specifications have been determined by extensive factory tests. In addition, E-NERGY CARBON is independently certified and approved by TÜV Rheinland.


System applications with E-NERGY CARBON

Ceiling heating

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E-NERGY CARBON ensures an even distribution of heat radiation when installed in the ceiling. After filling, it can be painted or wallpapered.

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Wall heating


E-NERGY CARBON allows the fixing of pictures and shelves inside the heating surfaces by means of plugs and screws. This keeps wall heating practical.

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Floor heating

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Floating laminate or parquet? Or do you prefer glued floor coverings like tiles? E-NERGY CARBON can be combined with almost all.

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Comfort heating


Moisture protection



Would you like to see where E-NERGY CARBON has already been used? No problem, in our reference database you will find exciting projects with E-NERGY CARBON.

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Do you have any questions?

Would you like a modern surface heating system? Does the bathroom need a cosy and comfortable temperature? Do you have problems with humidity or even mould? There are many questions that can arise. The team led by our E-NERGY CARBON expert Daniel Schuschan can be reached on +49 5406 / 699 95-10. Or write us an e-mail, we look forward to hearing from you!