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mfh systems receives TOP 100 award once again

Innovative solutions for immediate gas and oil phase-out.

Business journalist Ranga Yogeshwar personally honoured mfh systems with the TOP 100 Award 2022 and presented the award to Managing Director Daniel Schuschan. It is the second time that mfh systems has received this innovation award, having already received the award in 2021. The TOP 100 seal is only awarded to particularly innovative medium-sized companies that have previously undergone a scientific selection process with over 100 innovation indicators.

Managing Director Daniel Schuschan: "We are very pleased about the award, which above all honours our sustainable development work in recent years. For example, we have developed market-ready solutions and systems that enable an immediate phase-out of fossil fuels such as gas and oil with high energy efficiency, thus contributing to the energy transition and making us independent of gas and oil imports. Our solutions are suitable for both new constructions and the refurbishment of existing buildings - even when they are still occupied."

The solutions addressed by Daniel Schuschan include the intelligently controlled E-NERGY CARBON electric panel heating system for ceilings, walls and floors, the IDEAL panel heating system in combination with heat pumps, and the AIRUNIT SOLUS decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery of up to 99 percent. "These system solutions are exemplary of mfh systems' innovations in the building sector," explains Andreas Piephans, the company's other managing director. "Not only do our systems reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to climate protection, we also attach great importance to the use of ecologically sustainable materials in new developments."

For example, E-NERGY CARBON is a fast-acting, electric panel heating system based on heating foils with an installation height of just 0.4 millimeters. The electricity is immediately converted into noticeable radiant heat. The heat is comfortable and efficient because it does not heat the air first, but directly warms the surrounding surfaces and the body as radiant heat. In other words, E-NERGY CARBON provides instant heat and therefore only needs to be turned on when needed. In combination with a photovoltaic system and with good thermal insulation of the house, electric panel heating is an energetically future-oriented and economical solution.

The water-bearing panel heating system IDEAL ÖKO is optimally suited for use in combination with heat pumps. It consists of wood-fibre insulation and aluminum heat-conducting plates, which use the heat of the low-temperature heating system with high efficiency and release it into the room. The IDEAL ÖKO system can be used for cooling in the summer and is also suitable for wall and ceiling installation in the case of energy modernisations, which require only minimal structural interventions. As one of the latest ecological advancements from mfh systems, IDEAL ÖKO is also available with thermal insulation panels made of straw - a rapidly renewable raw material with excellent insulation values.

The better the houses and apartments are insulated, the less air exchange takes place. However, this is important for a comfortable indoor climate and to prevent mould growth on the building structure. The automated, decentralised AIRUNIT SOLUS 2.0 ventilation system from mfh systems offers the solution for new buildings and renovations. In simple terms, it measures the air quality and ensures the optimum supply of fresh air almost inaudibly. In the process, the stale air is first drawn outside, with up to 99 percent of the heat being recovered in a heat accumulator. Fresh outside air is then supplied to the room and preheated via the heat accumulator. A highly efficient way for a healthy indoor climate.

"The renewed TOP 100 award shows us that our path to a sustainable construction industry is socially responsible, economically correct and makes strategic sense. With our products and partners, we are on a good course for the future and would like to express our sincere thanks to the expert jury and Ranga Yogeshwar for the TOP 100 seal. It is an incentive for us to become even better and more innovative," explain the managing directors Andreas Piephans and Daniel Schuschan in unison.