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Reduce high costs and gas dependence now - Innovative electric panel heating as a solution

The cost of fossil fuels such as gas and oil is skyrocketing. Consumers are uncertain whether the supply can be ensured in winter and whether an adequate heat supply will still remain affordable. The trade can offer a solution here: with electric panel heating systems such as E-NERGY CARBON from mfh systems. This can help to phase out climate-damaging gas and oil in the short term.

What is electric panel heating?
System solutions like E-NERGY CARBON consist of only 0.4 mm thin heating foils. These can be installed on ceilings, walls and floors directly on the surface - quickly, cleanly and with little structural intervention, so that installation can also be carried out when the building is occupied. After installation, the heating foils disappear invisibly behind the wall or ceiling wallpaper or underneath the floor coverings. The installation can be carried out by qualified craftsmen. The system requires a power connection for the transformer, which provides the necessary low voltage.

How energy-efficient are modern, electric panel heaters?
Unlike conventional, hydraulic heating systems, which heat water first and then air via radiators, the E-NERGY CARBON panel heating system generates radiant heat that is available immediately: comfortable, healthy and silent. Occupants can thus switch on the heating promptly via the intuitive controls or smartphone app whenever heat is needed in the room. Long and energy-intensive warm-up times as well as unnecessary heating periods are a thing of the past. Another advantage: every minute of heating without gas and oil protects the climate, saves costs and minimizes dependencies.

For which buildings is electric panel heating worthwhile?
In existing buildings that are not optimally thermally insulated, hybrid applications consisting of gas boilers and electric panel heating systems in ceilings, walls and floors are the readily available and economically viable solution. This is how the combination works: Up to a specified outside temperature, the existing boiler is at rest. During these times, expensive fuels are saved. Instead of putting the central heating system into operation and supplying unoccupied and rarely used rooms with an unnecessary and energy-intensive basic temperature, the electric panel heating systems can generate comfortable heat efficiently, specifically and immediately in the individual rooms as so-called room heaters.

In modern or energetically renovated buildings with good thermal insulation, which meet today's GEG requirements (Building Energy Act), oil or gas heating can be completely substituted. Electric panel heating in combination with a photovoltaic system offers both an ecological and economical solution, as the electricity can be used directly for space heating.

Daniel Schuschan, Managing Director of mfh systems GmbH: "E-NERGY CARBON is a quick-to-install solution for the energy-efficient and climate-friendly supply of heat. Our system is suitable in old building renovations as well as new buildings. Several thousand square meters have already been successfully installed and impress with their long-lasting quality and maintenance-free operation."