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Zweibrücker Schlösschen

Renovation of the Zweibrücker Castle

In the unheated stair tower of the small castle in 55571 Odernheim am Glan, the warm and humid air from the flats condensed on the cold walls and led to a mould problem. Due to the space limited by monument protection regulations, the E-NERGY CARBON FLEECE system with 220 W / m² was used.

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Surface heating system E-NERGY CARBON FLEECE
Ceiling area 21 m2
Area Stair tower

HeatingHeating WallWall


1 Raw wall
2 Putty 1 mm
3 Heating foil E-NERGY CARBON FLEECE 0,4 mm
4 Fine putty 2 mm
5 Paint, wallpaper, tiles

4 mm